Frequently asked questions

How can I submit a letter of reccomendation?

Download and fill out this form and submit it to our recruitment team! Please email the completed form to or mail it to: Sara Mangiamelli 1531 S Street Lincoln, NE 68508

What is Alpha Phi's legacy Policy?

The following is from Alpha Phi International's Website: "We recently voted to make changes to our membership recruitment policy and to remove the preferential treatment given to legacies during recruitment.Previously, a legacy had to receive an invitation to the first invitational round of recruitment and if they accepted an invitation to preference, they must be placed at the top of the bid list.Legacies will still be defined as any daughter, granddaughter, great-granddaughter, stepdaughter, sister or stepsister of an initiated member of Alpha Phi, but chapters will now treat them equally to every other potential new member during the recruitment process.In making this change, we want to remove barriers to access for every potential new member so that Alpha Phi can be a welcoming home to all women. We must give the same opportunity to women whose mothers, grandmothers and sisters did not have the same access to higher education or the ability to join organizations like ours." Nu Chapter of Alpha Phi adheres to and supports this recent change in the Alpha Phi legacy policy.

Where can I get more information on Formal Recruitment?

Visit UNL Panhellenic Association's website for the most up to date information on Primary (Formal) Recruitment.