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How much will it cost?


How much the work will cost depends on the nature and scope of the work required. See further below.


Wills and Estate Planning

Our fees to prepare your estate planning documents will vary depending on the complexity of your circumstances, including your family relationships and the way in which you own your assets. Once we have had the opportunity to meet with you and obtain your instructions, we will then provide you with a estimate of our fees based on the tasks we are to complete.

Estate Administration


The maximum fee permitted to be charged by solicitors in New South Wales for obtaining a grant of probate or letters of administration is set by legislation and depends on the value of the estate. Once we know the value of the estate, we will let you know what the fees will be.


Our fees in relation to advising you with respect to the administration of the estate, will depend on a number of factors, including the number of beneficiaries, the nature of the gifts in the will (if there is one) and the extent of the assets to be administered. We will provide an estimate of our fees for advising you with respect to the administration of the estate, once this information is known.


Disputes and litigation


Our fees for acting on your behalf in relation to a dispute, will depend on a number of factors including the nature of the dispute and the attitude and conduct of the other party to the dispute. Once we have sufficient information from you about the dispute, we will provide you with an overall estimate of what the total fees are likely to be and as the matter progresses, we will provide estimates for each stage of work to be conducted. 


Further information about our fees will be provided, when we are engaged to act for you.

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What to expect when you visit our offices.


Our offices are designed to encourage you to feel calm and relaxed. We will listen carefully to your story before presenting some well-researched options to suit your situation. 

There is ample parking near our office and we are close to public transport and shops. 

We offer fixed fees where possible so that you will know in advance how much our services will cost.

The pictures shown here are our actual office, provided courtesy of The Bureau, Pymble.

We provide regular information on different aspects of wills and estates law.  You can subscribe to our news feed here.

Our specialist legal practice at a glance.


Our highly trained practitioners are specialists in the following legal areas:

- Wills and Estate Planning

- Probate and Administration

- Resolving Wills and Estate Disputes

- Advising in relation to trusts 

- Powers of Attorney

- Enduring guardianship

- The affairs of incapable persons

We also specialise in listening. We understand that these matters can be distressing and we will give you the best advice possible for your circumstances.